Tuesday, July 26, 2005

NLB: big and new!

i went to the library on sunday... the newly opened national library located next to bras brasah building.. dun ask me wat road it is located at.. i dunno...

there were adults and kids all over the place... we were all tourists in a new environment... ahahah everyone took the lifts up and down to the various floors to check out the new building.. and equally there were many who checked out the 'borrowable' section at the basement...

my first impressions when i entered the library was 'cool! got video at the book drop ah!' followed by '=O library foyer and lobby very big...'

book drop wif video! library foyer area 'lobby' area of the library

excitedly, i went to the basement (know tt perhaps there might not be any windows.. but hoping tt it's nice... heh... i was faced wif grey-ish carpets and grey shelves... -_-" okay the red backs of the sofas were good... but the rest of the lending library sorta gave me this impression of a 'storage' space for books that aren't in the reference collection...

sooooo many people everywhere! kids section equally bleh (they had the painted trees and stuff.. but carpeting were the same wif outside) plus the 'open courtyard' in the middle of this greyness was locked up... yeah.. the doors were closed... and there were leaves ard it too... didn't seemed anyone cleaned it for a while... heh...

carpeting at B1 library

decided to check out the other levels... went to 8th floor instead (everyone wanted to go all the way up...) took a few photos of the view..

8th floor views of bugis area... 8th floor view

went inside the reference section and was amazed... bright... spacious wif windows tt let in the light (i'm a big fan of natural light whereever possible).. compared to the basement... it was really a totally different feeling... *plus it was sooooo quiet*

sat down and took out a book i had borrowed frm another library and proceeded to attempt to read one chapter... quite conducive actually... =) perhaps it'll be a good pl to do some work at... went out after a while and proceeded to take the escalators down every level... checked out the open courtyard facing hotel intercontinental... i'm sure alot of couples would go there.. small spaces for chats... =P

beauty hidden in the yard

all in all, the building is big but all the public gets to borrow out is located at B1... the rest of the 14-storey building is dedicated to research n reference materials (can't be borrowed out)... but they're more beautiful than the depressing B1... =/ so sad... how come building so big we only get to browse ard the basement for books to borrow and read?

guess they wanted to segregate the libraries out... neighbourhood and regional libraries are more conducive for borrowing and reading while the NLB central branch is for people who are doing school/work projects i guess? hrmph...


Blogger Mark said...

NLB is nice and quiet :) Blissful.

29/7/05 12:40 am  

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