Thursday, July 28, 2005

how ads at MRT stations are made...

saw this yesterday night after macdonalds supper at raffles pl... taken ard 11pm

hot off the 'press'

brought to mind the beautiful silkair station ads (ambient/outdoor) at cityhall and the trains, which was all over the place... which must hv taken a while... alignment etc etc... i took some photos at the station... juz gotta find where they are...

anyhow... this was the ad that they're sticking up... i'm thinking there must be a series of three or four of them.. but i only managed to capture this particular one before hopping onto my train...

hot off the 'press' 02

flipped thru TODAY and saw that RD has also placed the same ad in print.. so its a simultaneous rollout of ads for them... at the same time... the silkair campaign continues wif an interesting competition encouraging consumers to take photos wif the backdrops etc and then send in to them to stand a chance to win plane tickets... =P now i REALLY need to find those photos... =P


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