Saturday, July 30, 2005


to make up for the missed photo opportunities yesterday... i baked a cake... hahaha no... i was juz seized wif an urge to bake this really simple cake recipe tt i hv baked before (last week to be precise... wif my fren, i assisted him)

so i went down to grab ingredients namely castor sugar, eggs, butter, plain and self-raising flour and the loaf tin plus a (lousy) zester... and thus the baking process began... a tad messy so i didn't take any pictures... but thanks to my sis' trusty mixer... we soon had a cake in baking... =)

bake-a-cake: in the oven

it took a good one hr to bake the cake... (yah dun think its small so dun need to take so long... =P) after which it was time to take it out to cool... and subsequently tip out of the tin...

bake-a-cake: one hr later bake-a-cake: out of d tin

and then it was time to eat... =P~ yumz...

bake-a-cake: inside

so tah-dah~!!! my first baking attempt... ;)


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