Saturday, August 20, 2005

seah street deli

went to seah street deli yesterday night to celebrate an occasion... =) actually it was a tussle btwn menotti and seah street... which obviously the latter won... it's my second time there (yah lah i suah koo can...) and becoz we were there during dinner hours... the diner was a lil' packed...

so while sitting and waiting for our table to be readied... my friends saw this really funny thing:

i need a lotta salt!

yupz.. tt's my hand there and tt's the BEEGEST salt and pepper containers i've ever seen.. dun think it can be used though... perhaps juz to contain ALL the salt and pepper used in the diner itself... ahhaha

after we got the table... proceeded to order... dishes came and we ate... =P my friend had a pot roast (beef) and another had the 'seah street burger' and i had 'the book maker' which is a sandwich lah...

of coz eating burgers and sandwich not enuff... so we had fried chicken too... which was kinda TOO MUCH... pushed us over the edge...

dinner at seah street deli (again)

not only tt... becoz we were eating fried chicken.. u needed the prerequisite fizzy drink right? so two of us ordered coke... :P which came in a beautiful jar-mug...

coke glass

i tell u... we went into the deli as 'sticks' and we came out as 'pigs'... almost couldn't walk.. but nonetheless took a slow stroll to funan centre (which closes early but we wanted to try our luck)... den walk ard city hall a bit before goin home... ahhaha..


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