Sunday, August 14, 2005

lazy ass of me

i've been a lazy ass this past week.. din update AT ALL... haha but did took some interesting fotos to share wif u... plus a game tt might make u addicted to it... ;)

first up.. the photos... went to orchard on wednesday wif d intention of watching willy wonka (charlie and choc factory lah) but it was sold out... ended up walking ard cineleisure and heeren area juz to while away the opportunity of being in orchard (i'm pretty deprived fyi..)

the heeren shops ads

i love good headlines.. and i think this is one of those tt is really effective in presenting the mood and attitude tt is the heeren shops... especially love the first one and the last one.. ahhaha if i ever follow rule no. 01 den i'll sure be super broke... =) i'm always in doubt... ahahhaha

and if you are or know people who are golf crazy... perhaps this would be a good housewarming/bday pressie?

golf fanatics need apply

though i'm thinking who in the world would spend 150 on two glasses wif a golf ball IN the stem! how do u hold it? izzit ergonomically designed den? =P

and finally... go play 'DINERS DASH'... ahahhahha shall not say more.. google it and try it out urself... juz rem to play it when u're off work... ;)


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