Monday, August 08, 2005

the pressures of being a trolley

the pressures of being a trolley, originally uploaded by i am yj.

i'm a trolley... my daily routine includes being pushed up and down asisles at supermarkets... or being herded around into rows... my greatest joy in life is to be filled up to the brim... yummy

life used to be so easy for me... i could be brought to places that i've never seen before... into elevators, fields, dark corners or simply used as a ski/sleigh... we were revolutionaries, we had wheels!

that's until people got smart and decided to chain us all up... now we are stuck together... yanked by that tiny puny chain with the slot for the golden coin (nope not golden ticket... golden coin)

i dun like being chained up... we have gangs u know... some of us dun really like other groups.. and woe betide u if u were unfortunately chained up wif a rival trolley gang... they can push u ard but u can't do anything abt it...

its such a stressful world for a trolley like me... =P


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