Tuesday, August 02, 2005

what does the bus driver think?

wat does he think?
what does the bus driver think?, originally uploaded by i am yj.

this morning as i went on my way to work (rather to the bus stop for my company transport) i happened to sit right at the front behind the bus driver... and it was a good view... which got me to thinking.. wat do the bus drivers think about as they drive us around?

unlike cab drivers, they meet alot more people who mindlessly tap their transport card (EZ-link) before attempting to squeeezzze their way into the vehicle (if its crowded)... hrmmm at least they get to see different things... imagine the train driver...


Blogger Mark said...

Oh the possibilities are endless :)

"Wonder how many passengers I can topple over on this corner?"

"Wonder how fast I can actually take this corner without killing the passengers?"

"God how I need a pee."

"Don't they know that they'll get on faster if they stop pushing each other?"

"Oh look. An ang moh. Not seen one of them for a while."

"This auntie always gets on here. Wonder where she's going?"

"I'm gonna have nightmares about this EZ link scanner tonight."

"Haha. Seen the man with the laptop bag not holding onto anything. Sucker; watch me brake at the next stop."

"Them taxi drivers have it eeeeeeasyyy."

2/8/05 10:48 pm  

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