Monday, August 01, 2005

weekend's over...

had a busy weekend... and now its over!! >_< let's see what i discovered...


relatively busy day coz i had work in the morning... took a cab to the bus stop to wait for the company transport (i am lazy and the bus stop isn't very near my house...) in the cab.. i saw this advertisement which got me thinking;

where are u headed?

i was just staring at the ad thinking to myself over and over and over again (okay many juz two 'overs' coz it wasn't tt long a trip) and before i could contemplate further... i was at the bus stop... so put those nagging tots out of my mind... =P

after work... i met up wif my friend for a bout of lunch (i was on a tight schedule coz initially had to go for project discussion) at borders bistro... i ordered their value set lunch thingy (19.90 for starter, mains and coffee) and the salad was questionable... yeah the mayo was nice wif the veggie (i dun eat raw veggies mind u.. so the sauce has to be there) but the presentation was pretty lousy... it looked like the main item was missing.. like 'nah here's ur veggie'... nonetheless managed to finished it... =P hungry mah...

remanents of a salad

den my darling fren came and we yakked until the lunch at borders was over and we went over (upon his suggestion) to another small lil' pl round the corner of shaw towers (opposite pacific plaza on the same side... u know where's mango?) it's next to 'the canteen' by les amis... and its a nice place to hv sandwiches and coffee and yak... =) go visit it sometime... hee reminds me of aussie...

nice lil' shop at shaw towers

and then went to kino where i met up wif my sisters (coz i cancelled my project meeting i could go wif them to my cousin's daughter's first bday) and in the course of travelling to pasir ris... saw this at city hall mrt (they were hving NDP preview i think?)

doggie in MRT!

yeah sniffer dog! ahhaha i think the police officers were pretty amused by the amount of attention the dog (not them) got... =P


spent the whole day doing up my project... powerpoint... urgh =P

today is the presentation... 30%... i hope what we hv done is enuff.. it doesn't seem so though.. oh well... i do until my eyes almost pop out.. rearranging... typing.. editing... all the best to my grp~! =D


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