Monday, August 29, 2005


went to zouk last friday for their 'very xotic' theme party... i must say it's the first time i saw:

1. so many men (given the opportunity to oogle)
basically it was a naughty party, filled wif wigs, makeup, mani-pedicures, chocolate, bacardi-redbull and women in lingerie dancing in cages, modelling the lingerie as well as doing a few exotic, lap dances... u shld hv seen the area ard the catwalk.. one glance and all you see are men... taking video, photos wif their mobile phones... =P

2. lap dancing in singapore
yeah... a couple of dancers (male and female) performed (?) or demonstrated to the cheering and highly excited crowd how to lap dance... basically they chose a few people from the audience and did a wonderful routine.. the pilot and nurse was especially good.. ahahhah

the modelling section featured HUGE wigs (big hair) and really drag-queen makeup... outfits ranged frm intimates to patent leather to costumes... =)

ah well... i'm looking forward to the next one ;P


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