Sunday, September 18, 2005

keeping clean...

this has been something i've wanted to blog about for a while... but lazy lah.. ahhaha

every morning i would take the bus to the interchange to wait for my (ex)company transport... and every morning i would see various degrees of this:

seen at boon lay station 01

sometimes its pretty bad.. this was juz one of the better days i guess... styrofoam cups... containers... plastic bags.. everywhere u turn ur eyes.. u could see litter on the ground... people takeaway their breakfast to eat the the side of the mrt station and becoz there isn't any dustbins anywhere near the vicinity of the stations (well either that or the pple din bother looking) the rubbish gets left there...

so at the end of the morning rush hour... its the cleaners that go around and tidy up the place...

seen at boon lay station 02

i'm thinking the cause of the litter is the lack of dustbins in the area.. coz i've seen dustbins that are packed full... and sometimes it can get irritating when u've a piece of litter in ur hand and u juz can't find dustbins!!! grrrr... i rem so many times where i would be at city hall.. grabbin a snack.. walking towards the mrt.. and by the time i reach the station... i realised tt there are no dustbins and i either have to walk back up to the shopping centre.. or hold the rubbish till i reach my destination... -_-"

so let us applaud the cleaners that make singapore the clean and green city she is... =P


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