Tuesday, August 30, 2005


what's hell? not being able to access MSN MESSENGER, INTERNET and COMPANY EMAIL!!! -_-" which was what happened to me today... my present company's email/net server decided to go on leave.. without warning... so spent the entire day disconnected from reality of the WWW and all my friends on msn... sigh...

goes to show how important the internet has become... i couldn't send nor receive nor read my work mails... which kinda sucked coz at least i could do some emailing work... instead spent the day trying to remember what my contacts phone numbers were... yeah i rely on their email signature for telephone numbers etc... =P it was quite terrible... ahhahaha

my sis lost her phone on sunday... that must have super sucked.. but i'm thinking a day or two wifout internet can be considered as to be the same emotional hell... have you had an experience that's as hellish as mine?


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