Saturday, October 29, 2005

from your friendly neighbourhood police

from your friendly neighbourhood police, originally uploaded by i am yj.

came home late last night and saw this on one of the many noticeboards around the void deck which i read wif interest while waiting for the lift...

almost took ten steps backwards when i finished it... in case you can't read the words, here's what it said:

"... To protect yourself, your family and your neighbour from any harm, please be vigilant. Do not wear too much Jewellery[sic], do not carry too much money with you And[sic] do walk alone at lonely and dark place..."

seriously din know whether to laugh like really loudly (which would mean tt i might scare my neighbours) or to like look in shock at the error... i'm sure they printed more than one notice... didn't anyone read it before they pasted it up on the boards??? this is one of those typical 'english' mistakes that you see around the place... however it isn't too good when its frm the police telling you to 'walk alone in lonely and dark place'... so that the robbers can't see u therefore can't rob u???


Anonymous devilvic said...

nice friendly neighbourhood police u have :)

31/10/05 9:12 pm  

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