Tuesday, September 27, 2005

things u never tot u wld see...


lazy ass me... never blogged for so long... hehehehe... however i must put this particular photo up... it was the mid-autumn festival here two weekends ago and besides the mooncakes (ngee ann city is THE place for that...) kids get to play wif lanterns... battery operated ones or the simple "light a candle and hope ur lantern dun burn" kind...

so i was juz shopping around my place when i chanced upon this lantern which defies any description... wonder which parent would buy it for their children! -_-" i almost collapsed frm trying not to laugh out loud when i saw it... who is the designer har? i know that the festival encourages family reunion.. but this is juz too overt!


Blogger Mark said...

I've tried to think of every possible thing that could have been going through the designer's head when they made that!

What were they thinking at all?

27/9/05 11:10 pm  

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