Tuesday, November 22, 2005

WCG was a blast (a bit scary...)

was at WCG over the weekend to help out at my company's booth... it was fun... but super scary esp the last day coz everyone turned out to see the finals... and everyone wanted to join in my company's CS shootout... so i had a line that was almost frm my company's booth to the door (almost lah...) and crowd control was a bit wonky but we survived... now if u ask me to organize shootouts... i can... lol

wat was annoying were the people who kept coming up to us and asking for freebies.. when the lucky draw was and wat they would win... and as wif all events... we had people who took a stack of our forms to fill and then put in slowly... -_-" i even got a scolding frm an uncle who demanded a paperbag and when i insisted tt i dun hv... he came around to the back of my counter to check... heh... stupid people... very annoying...

today was at adasia 2005 (also at suntec) to listen to two talks on creative work... took a short glance around the exhibition... will be there again on wednesday for more talks... =)

in the meantime i shall juz feel tired and sleepy... ehehehhe


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