Sunday, December 11, 2005

blot blog... super long post ahead...

pork chop!

she's my company's resident "cutie"... well i think pork chop is a she lah.. but some of my colleagues feel its more of a 'he'... hahaha... i put this pic up coz now there's the voting for the weblog awards and all those nominated seemed to be doing some election campaigning wif cute or pretty photos of humans and animals... i know i'm not in anyway nominated but juz to play along.. ahahahah... ;)

anyway... i haven't post anything up for close to a month coz i'm a lazy bugger... had two events to help out back to back and by the time i'm off work on usual days.. i'm juz a bit sianz to blog abt stuff... plus the fact my sis was hogging the comp to do her projects, chat and surf... now i've my comp back (yay!) coz she's got her own laptop so perhaps i will post more again... hehehe...

nonetheless... i've got a collection of snaps that i took wif my camera during this time that i might just post it up slowly... and since i've posted a cute pic... here's another one! =D

tofu_oyako @ designEdge devilrobot Shin

yup its tofu oyako!! incidentally... tofu oyako means tofu mother and child when its in the 'chinese' spelling of jap... went to designEdge last month and juz as i was lamenting the fact there didn't seem to be anything that's worth my 35bucks entry... (the design talk thingy was good) i noticed a queue forming at the tofu booth... which i tot it was for the tofu chops which they were 'chopping' initially...

so piqued by the long q and the tot that 'maybe it could be a signing...' i went up to the front to check it out.. and yes i was right!! one of the artistes frm devilrobots was there!!! AUTOGRAPHY SESSION!!! (see i'm a fan girl...)

i quickly made my way to the back of the q and whipped out my tofu postcards which i had bought earlier (for 8bucks each!! ouch) and waited excitedly... hahaha and it was a damn long wait... close to 45mins... sigh... but it was cool... the designer was very polite and signed on all the cards i had... =D

okies... something that got me excited this month... my lovely, super duper huge capacity lacie hdd!!!! 200gb!!! woo hoo!! i'm damn happy coz my home comp is running out of space... 40gb three years ago seemed like alot.. but now... its not enough for all my programs and files and stuff... so i went and bought this thing of beauty... sigh...

woo hoo! i got a lacie HDD!! =D lacie

gorgeously designed by F.A.Porsche... my bf was so envious when he saw it... i felt a bit bad... =P but its mine!!! my preciousssssss....

and the bestest thing of all that i saw this month was this panel:

gelatissimo to open in SG!!!

this is my favourite gelato shop in australia... i was very sad when i first returned to sg to find no gelato shop (until bravissimo at tangs which is very good) and now some kind soul who went to aussie have actually brought it into SG!! *bliss* they were the first shop that introduced me to never-ending testing of interesting flavours and my housemate and i used to be so tempted everytime we go to the city that we never fail to buy a cup home (sometimes had to resist lah...) it'll be located at the lido building... opening in december for xmas was their tag... *beams*


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