Sunday, January 01, 2006


happy new year! its 2006... another year's beginning with its own opportunities, disappointments and excitement... may it be as good as the last or even better! =D

anyway... last week was quite fun... after xmas was spring cleaning due to the fact that chinese new year will be in a month's time... den on friday, my company had an end of year party where we ate, exchange super belated xmas pressies and had a mini-draw where everyone walked home with something... =D

new year's eve was spent at my bf's place... where he made mash potatoes, cooked sausages and a really nice roast chicken... together wif my other aussie housemates and his poly frens, we had champagne (deflated ones coz they had been kept for more than ten years...) and loads of mixers (well bf and frens did...)

hope this coming year is good... =D not into making resolutions coz u kinda have to fufil them and if u dun... its like 'doh' lor... =P anyway... will work hard this year... on all aspects of my life... hee

how did you spend your new year's eve??


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