Sunday, February 26, 2006

sunburnt... and merde!

went east coast to cycle... in the mid-day sun... ended up with reddish arms and outlines of my watch on my left wrist and my sweat band on my right... my youngest sis and babe also has red skin.. and i believe outlines too!

yupz... we din put sun block... =P

bot a book called 'merde actually' which is a sequel to the first book (which i also got) called 'a year in the merde'... merde is french for shit... =) and its abt an englishman tryin to 1. work in france 2. set up a cafe in france 3. find true love in france... which makes for a very relaxing and amusing read... heheeheh i lent my colleague the first book and he is enjoyin it very much... i finished the second book in record time (buy in d afternoon, finished it slightly before eleven or ten).... so i definitely recommend it to anyone lookin for humourous easy reading... =D

speaking of merde... haha... babe was unfortunate/lucky enough to be the recipient of it during our cycling at east coast... before lunch time... from a bird in a tree... =P

been bz and super lazy to update this blog... apologies to all who read my blog and wished i update it more often... i also wish i updated it more often.. ahahhaha


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