Monday, March 20, 2006

bridesmaid for rent...

my friend got married yesterday... what i mean by married is that they went through the traditional chinese ceremony and stuff and threw a wedding dinner at night... they are actually 'officially' married in the eyes of the law already (since last year i think...)

anyway... was part of the 'bridesmaids'/sisters gang... basically a tradition in singapore is to have friends of the bride (usually gers) to try and block the groom frm entering and claiming his bride till he's paid up... and after he's done many stupid tricks... ahhaha all in the name of fun of course..

and it is true wat they say... when u're a bride.. u look gorgeous full-stop =)

but what's not so good is the travelling and waiting! a wedding couple on their big day has to:
- ger wakes up super early to get made up...
- guy travel frm home to pick up bride
- couple proceeds to guy's home to do tea ceremony at his pl
- loads of waiting done before ceremony starts
- ger changes outfits
- couple travels back to ger's home to do tea cermony at her pl
- more waiting before ceremony
- travel to wedding dinner venue
- go to hotel/hom and take a rest
- ger gets second round of makeover
- wedding dinner starts (LATE)
- ger changes into another outfit
- after around three/four dishes couple do toasts to guests on stage
- walk round the tables taking photos...
- ger changes outfit again *if she has*
- stand at the door to say thanks and good bye...

and this is juz a super concise list... heh...

but it was fun... i bot a really nice dress... =D


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