Sunday, March 12, 2006

my new 19" monitor!

my new 19" monitor!, originally uploaded by i am yj.

juz got a new Samsung 19" monitor today from the IT show for $429... which i think is a pretty good deal considering the 17" ones are goin for 350 on average... the previous CRT monitor died (think the cable fried) so the heavens conspired such that i was able to get an LCD screen (AT LAST!)

in other news... i've been bz and lazy to update my blog and i apologise... =P

in yet other other news... my colleague is mad abt this guy from according to her (gushing comments) he's cute and he writes pretty funny blogs... so i just tot to mention it here so that if i ever read this entry next year... i will see whether yongfook has survived that far... (i think he would lah)


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