Tuesday, May 09, 2006

list of exciting things i did over the last two months...

lookin at my sequence of photos uploaded onto flickr... for the past month or two i...
- went for a pedicure (after one year of home-done pedis..)
- went to the Melbourne Comedy Festival Roadshow (funny but not as funny as last year's tho i'll still go for next year's!)
- saw a real life praying mantis in my room (and frantically tried to make it go away)
- got two free pillows (thanks to ikea's pillow giveaway during their bedroom promo efforts...)
- ate a dinner made by my bf's italian colleague... she's good cook...
- bought my first item off Yahoo Auctions! a lovely flowery dress wif a green sash... gorgeous (cost me only $28 but looks more expensive than that!)
- ate a jap buffet at a restaurant located at odeon towers (yummz)
- bot a webcam and DVD drive on the same day (happy!)
- ate a hugemongous thosai in little india (wif my hands okay... very authentic)

and of coz
- worked like crazy (this isn't very exciting lah...)


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