Sunday, May 14, 2006

eight hours in ikea

i spent eight hours in ikea yesterday... yup.. eight hours.. probably breaking the world record for longest-time-spent-in-an-ikea-store-by-a-non-ikea-employee... and if u think it was becoz we took our time walking and lookin at stuff... well... we were juz goin frm the bed dept to the wardrobe dept.. to the bed dept... to the cafe... back to wardrobe dept.. back to bed dept.. back to wardrobe dept.. back to bed dept... back to wardrobe dept... on to first storey... *whew*

and that is how u spend eight hours in ikea...

it took so long becoz we were trying to figure out how to place the furniture in the room such that it maximised the room space (it's a very tiny room) while trying to adhere to conditions set down by my bf... (cannot have anything around the bed.. dun wan to sleep next to the cupboard etc etc...) so there... -_-"

i'm thinkin of changing my room's wardrobe too.. hrmm perhaps another trip down to ikea might happen sometime in the near future... but definitely not in the next week! ahhahaha...


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