Wednesday, May 24, 2006

designer with a soul

i bot a book over the weekend (esp good wif the kino 20% disc for members) called 'How to be a graphic designer without losing your soul' and its currently like my bible... why? it answers (almost) all the questions in my head about how to get about being a designer in this world... how to do up portfolios.. how to get business.. how to set up your own business.. watever you can think of in design.. the book somehow has some answers to it...

and its pretty helpful insight as well... comes at a time where i'm questioning whether i'm (yup) losing my soul designing (if you can consider producing heartless work design)... its been a good read while sitting on the mrt.. its not a pictorial book.. its wordy and has interviews wif a few famous designers... and i like it... go read it if you are a designer... =) it'll prob be good for your soul.. ahahhaha


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